Game Results Reporting Procedures
All game results must be entered into the SportzSoft TeamWeb system.  There is no longer a requirement to mail in paper game sheets, but you must hold on to them until the end of the season.

Game Result Reporting Procedures

For Mini Tykes and Tykes
- record the game number, date, time, and location on the game sheet
- enter the game roster (players and coaches) on the game sheet
- DO NOT record goals, assists and penalties
- home team submits the game sheet by logging into TeamWeb system and uploading it; no need to enter any other stats
- keep a copy of the paper game sheet and you will be asked to drop them off at the Mini Tyke/Tyke Festival on June 18th

For Novice, Peewee, Bantam and Midget

All teams must enter the required information into the SportzSoft TeamWeb system.  This includes:
- game rosters
- major penalties
- uploading of game sheet 

Each Head Coach and Manager will receive an email with login information and links.  If you don't receive this email, please contact your club registrar, otherwise, it is the same username and password you would use if you registered your kids via SportzSoft.

There is no need to mail in paper copies of game sheets!  However, please hold on to your paper copies until the end of the season in case the electronic version you upload is illegible. 
TeamWeb Login Link
- go to the SCHEDULE page for your team
- click on your team name
- click on the LOGIN link on the top right hand side of your TeamSite

Game Sheet Entry Instructions -  - click here for manual

TeamWeb Game Sheet Entry Video Instructions:

Exhibition and Tournament Games

Exhibition games organized in Calgary

- if you require referees, email with your game details (teams, date, time, location)
- the CDLA Office will enter this game into the TeamWeb system and request referees on your behalf
- you will be contacted once referees have been assigned to your game
- following the game, you must login to TeamWeb and enter game rosters, major penalties and upload the gamesheet within 24 hours of game time

Tournament and Exhibition Games Played Outside of Calgary

All tournament and exhibition games played outside of Calgary must be entered into the TeamWeb system by the teamFollowing the game, you upload game sheets and enter major penalty information just as you would for regular season games.

We only require game roster information and major penalties for CDLA teams  

 To do this,

  • login to your TeamWeb account as you would to enter game results
  • click on SCHEDULE
  • click on NEW GAME
  • enter the game details
  • enter the game roster (for at least your team)
  • enter the major penalties for the game (if any)
  • upload copy of game sheet
  • click SAVE and CLOSE

Support Questions:
Game stat entry - please contact
common problems -
  • punctuation in file name, save file as game number
  • file too large    PDF is best
  • out of focus jpeg doesn't fit in one snapshot-  take it in two but please show some overlap so we can determine that they both belong to the same game
  • incomplete game sheet submission - we need to see from ALA logo down to ref signatures

Discipline and suspensions - please contact
How to complete a game sheet :     Example Game Sheet in pdf
*** Ball point pen only , black or blue ink    -  please no gel pens

Teams - please work together to ensure copies of game sheets are in the appropriate hands:
White copy - Winning team receives or in the case of a tie, home team receives the white copy - this copy is used to scan/email or for faxing to submit game results.

Yellow copy - Winning team retains

Pink copy -  Losing team retains

Thank you for your assistance in timely standings updates.

Have a great season!

Calgary District Lacrosse Association Clubs